Live Casino: The Latest Development in Casino Betting

The casino world has always aligned itself with developments in all circles of society. Whether it is the newest fashion or technology, you will find casinos and their clients taking up ideas early on. It is, thus, little surprise that casinos have been quick to adopt live dealing.

What is Live Casino?

This is the latest development in the world of casino gaming, which allows players to access the same casino experience they would get in a bricks-and-mortar casino from their homes, or wherever else they would be. It is an upgrade on the earlier introduced online casino.

The play model uses a live video stream to help players see the dealer on their device screen, as the dealer carries out various acts of play in the casino. Players are able to see the cards as they are dealt, and play for real money. In live casino, players usually play against the house, rather than against each other.

A player initiates the live video by clicking on the live icon on the site’s screen and choosing the specific game (table) they would like to play in. This could be blackjack, baccarat, Texas Hold ’em, or roulette.

Are There Slots in Live Casino?

No; while slots are available in online casinos, they are not offered in the live-stream model. This is because slots are already live in their very element; they do not involve a dealer, but rather, are a one on one transaction between the player and the slot machine.

Where Can One Play Live Casino?

Players can enjoy live casino gaming from pretty much everywhere in the world, provided a few things are in place:

  • Internet connection; a steady internet connection is necessary to ensure the video does not get scrambled, or take to long to buffer when playing.
  • Jurisdiction; the gaming house needs to be available in your area. This is not a huge concern in the digital era, but some countries do prohibit online gaming. The player himself should have attained the minimum gaming age, which the house verifies when creating an account.